School Safety Initiative

Our Mission

Develop and implement the standard for an integrated school safety and security methodology, including human capital, physical plant, technology, curriculum and training.

Our Vision

Unite stakeholders to interact with the top people in their field to accomplish our mission

Wisdom – Integrity – Safety – Excellence

Our Values
Our Initiative

1) Mental Health

2) Campus Hardening

3) Training and Staff Development

Details of integrated campus hardening systems

Components and benefits

- Immediate, accurate detection of gunshots

- Real-time locations of gunshots through dynamic map-based monitoring

- Playback of the shooting incident

- Event-to-actions and threat levels

- Alarms and notifications to key stakeholders e.g. security team and law enforcement

- Magnetic Door locks and integrated systems

- In room manual door locks integrated into monitoring system

- Lighting systems integrated into monitoring systems

Instantly detect and locate gunshot events for faster response

Preparedness and resins times are key wen facing an active shooter incident in a school. During these situations however, gathering accurate and timely information becomes extremely difficult. Valuable time is lost while students, staff, and response teams try to figure when and where shots were fired.

The School Safety Initiative difference

- Live integration with 911 call center

- Live integration with police officers, police leadership, and police headquarters.

- Training for law enforcement

Training for students

- Training for school administrators

- Training for teachers and school staff

- Instant text messages alerting stakeholders of the location and details of a shot fired

- Instant email alert to stakeholders of the location and details of a shot fired