Run + Hide + Decide

Pro's and Con's 

The theory behind the Run+Hide+Fight methodology is sound. It provides training for people to have a higher level of comfort in the event of an active shooter incident. If the scenario is where you are the one responsible for your own safety, in an environment you are familiar with, it can be effective. However in a school environment where the staff and administration have an “in loco parentis” duty. Where teacher or other adult responsible for children in the place of a parent, which is standard operating procedure in every school environment, this methodology completely falls apart.

Analysis and revamping of this methodology

It is virtually impossible in a school setting to know whether a weapon has actually discharged, and if so, where, by whom, and under what circumstances. With the Shooter Detection System at its core, where instant information is available to the appropriate stakeholders, they are now empowered to make informed decisions.


Based on having the information in hand, school staff, not only in protecting themselves, but in their critical role of “in loco parentis”, now will be able to know what path to follow. Incorporating this new access to data, working with experts in each area, we must create a complete set of curriculum for all parties affected:

• 911 call center, police dispatch .                   • Law enforcement leadership

• First responders                                              • School administrators

• School support staff and volunteers .           • Teaching staff

• Parents .                                                           • K-2 students

• 3-7 students                                                     • 8-12 students

Changing the landscape with RUN+HIDE+DECIDE(C)

With SDS at its core, and "The Phoenix" as its spokesman, we have recreated the Run+Hide+Decide(C) school safety methodology. When the SDS detects a shot fired, with the location known, indicator lights will reflect when one must run or hide. When the proximity of the shot is not definitive either way, the light will indicate that one must evaluate the information at hand and make the determination of whether to Run or Hide.