Positive Behavior Intervention Support

Positive Behavior Support
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Character Education as an integral part of Mental Health

Mental health support can be a key component to preventing violence in schools, and can be key to reaching children earlier before situations happen. Efforts to improve school climate, safety, and learning are not separate endeavors. They must be designed and implemented as a comprehensive school-wide approach that facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration and builds on a multi-tiered system of supports.


By working with stakeholders and experts in their respective areas, develop curriculum that address potential trigger points that can set a student down a path that could lead to a potentially explosive situation, leading to deadly consequences


The Phoenix

SSI will develop picture books, videos and training giving actual examples of how students can act in these situations.


By highlighting different scenarios where potentially toxic and explosive situations and providing positive methods where children and adults alike can draw on the scenarios and fall back on the lessons learned where ”everyone can be The Phoenix”